Safaricom’s M-PESA App Send To Many Feature is Live

MPESA Standalone App Safaricom

There are so many things that you can do with the new M-PESA app.

For context, the app is different from mySafaricom app, which houses a substantial amount of Safaricom’s products and services.

M-PESA app, on the other hand, is solely for the mobile money product, which is what many people have been asking for.

It went live in app stores (Android and iOS) a couple of months ago. Still, it is in the testing phase, but you can access and download it. It also works just fine.

One of the updates that arrived this week is that users can finally send cash to many customers at a go.

Spcefically, the update allows a user to send money up to 5 people in the same instance.

This is very important for business cases because there are scenarios where business owners want to send payments to their employees, and rather than send them individually, which is time consuming, they can select five workers and drop them their compensation via the app.

The update, however, is only available for iOS devices.

There are a ton of other cases that we think this feature would be useful, all of which you can imagine.

Other than that, the M-PESA app is a beauty, having integrated modern UI and UX elements in its overall design. It is quick, works in the majority of instances (there are cases it just crashes or takes a long time to load), but those are trivial issues that can be ironed out as soon as it exits beta.

We hope it will be polished and updated with more features, having graced us with M-Shwari a couple of weeks ago, although KCB M-PESA is missing still.

Will the company hone the app to be one of the most useful tools in the Kenya mobile money space? We hope so because so far, we are excited about its offerings.

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