You Can Give Reason for M-PESA Reversal Request in the M-PESA App

The latest M-PESA app update will now allow you to state the reason when requesting an M-PESA transaction reversal.


It has since become very clear that M-PESA is Safaricom’s leading money-maker. The mobile money product has been improved and imparted with many other services, and as of now, it has more than 50 million active monthly users in Africa (the service is available in many other African countries as well).

M-PESA has since received a dedicated smartphone app. We saw the app last year, and it only went official (out of pilot tests) a few weeks ago.

As expected, the app has a ton of features that we have examined over the months. It has improved statements that are akin but not close to what people used to get on the defunct M-Ledger app, biometrics authentication, off-line mode, among many other features. Heck, it has mini-apps that allow customers to access other lifestyle services such as BuuPass (bus booking service) without even leaving the app.

The other day, we also learned that the app can now sync your favourite contacts/pay bill numbers even when you switch devices. This is a handy feature that should have been here earlier, but we are glad it has arrived nonetheless.

The latest M-PESA app update will now allow you to state the reason when requesting an M-PESA transaction reversal. We guess this is key because contextualizing a reverse request can speed up the process.  

Other new features, as stated in the changelog, are as follows:

  • See your frequent apps under Discover Tab (these are basically mini-apps)
  • Improvement on the transaction details screen (increased transaction ID font size, copy transaction IDs to clipboard, share transaction IDs)
  • Minor UI, bug fixes and performance improvements

To note, this update only affects the Android version of the app. Safaricom always introduces features differently, and you might find one feature is available on the iOS app, but missing on its Android counterpart.

As always, we expect the app will continue seeing improvements. For now, it is one of the most downloaded Kenyan apps, with more than 1.3 million installs just on the Android side. The app is basically a success story for Safaricom, and we seldom see local apps hit such high numbers in a short period.

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