You Can Now Hide Your Balance in The M-PESA App

MPESA Standalone App Safaricom

Safaricom has updated its two most used apps: M-PESA and mySafaricom.

For those who are confused about the two, mySafaricom is the carrier’s main app with everything but a kitchen sink.

The new, still-on-beta M-PESA app is just for its mobile money product.

And both excel in their own right.

Starting with the M-PESA app, you may have noticed that there was no way you could hide your balance when performing a transaction. This is particularly bad especially when there are many prying eyes around, from family members you told you don’t have money to people around you in a supermarket queue.

The good thing is that you can finally hide the balance now. At the same time, the new feature allows you to hide transactions displayed on the lower side of the app’s home screen.

That’s is not all; you can finally send money to a maximum of five people at a go. This is not a new feature but was only available on iOS’s M-PESA app. Now Android guys can now enjoy it.

mySafaricom app has also been updated with a key feature; know those frequent Pay Bill and Buy Goods numbers that you use? You can now add them as favourites, which would make them easily accessible when performing a transaction.

Of course the same thing can be done by accessing the ‘Frequent Bill Numbers’ drop-down menu button.

All these updates continue to hone the apps for our liking. M-PESA app, for instance, has been lauded for its clean presentation, and that can be supported by the 500K downloads it has already garnered.