YouTube Begins Testing Soundcloud-Style Timed Comments

I don't know how to feel

YouTube App

YouTube has been on a roll lately, testing and quickly bringing new features to its users.

YouTube is now testing timed comments similar to the one on Soundcloud. This feature is being tested on both YouTube iOS and Android apps.

YouTube says that this feature will let users view comments timed to the exact moment you’re watching the video.

Commenters can link their comments to a specific part of the video and clicking it quickly loads its up.

The test group is so small we don’t even know how it looks.

To see if you’re part of the test, go to the comments section on iOS or Android, and tap the Sort button to select “Timed Beta”.

And if it’s going to look like Soundcloud’s interface, comments will pop in the video and I don’t know how to feel – it’ll probably ruin my experience.

In my opinion, it looks better with audio rather than video but it’ll be interesting if they go with a less intrusive user interface.

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