Top Forex Signal Providers of 2021


Starting with what a forex signal is? The forex signal works as the movement indicators in the forex market. It is an alert to the investor for when to buy and when to sell usually at a specific time and price. This signal is prepared by expert analysts and the automated forex robots and technical indicators. The forex signals help the traders to help identify the right trading opportunities at the right time to minimise the risk of any loss chances. To supply the people in foreign exchange with the forex signals the forex signal providers are there in the market.

  • Best forex signal Providers: 

     So, if you are interested to know about the best forex signal providers to help you make the right decisions about your investment. Here we have listed the best possible options for the forex signals providers.

  1. Learn 2 Trade:  

          Learn 2 trade is among the top service providers for best performing forex managed accounts in forex trading. The signal service by this Forex and Cryptocurrency platform is user-friendly and provides their service based on technical analysis. The company is available at any hour of the week to answer any sort of queries and built their customer trust.

  • Success rate:  

                           The positive feedback percentage of this forex signal provider is 93%.

  • Pricing info:  

Learn 2 trade offers two customer plans. One is the premium and the other one is the free version.

The free version is the free service provided by the company. This free service enables users who are new to Forex Signals to begin trading without any down payment and gives the basic offers to its customers, and there is no rush to switch to premium service. 

In alternate to this, the premium version offers the more advanced and premium offers, but it’s paid. The costs vary according to the chosen plans in this paid version.

  • Review Ratings:

                The rating of this top forex signal provider is 4.9 out of 5. It is the highest and the best positive rating.


                       The company has been known as the most experienced one among the forex signal providers with a forex trading experience of almost ten years. The service is outstanding and most appropriate for beginners to help them begin their career in this field professionally.

  • Success Rate: 

             They have a success rate of 93% in the market as the most experienced signal provider.

  • Pricing info:

The company is seen to offer the three plans for the signal providing service.

          in form of a one-month standard plan, three months, and yearly customized price plans up to 397 dollars.

  • Review Ratings:

                        As per the customer reviews the company has secured ratings of 4.7 out of 5 which is indeed a good one.


                           The forex signals are the most used and reliable forex signal provider company, and this is the one that can provide the signals from 40 up to 200 to its customers. This site has the trained professionals which will guide you thoroughly in this forex trade journey with the latest market analysis and trade signals. some workshops are also offered by the company to help develop the trading mindset.

  • Pricing info: 

The pricing rates start from €39 to €79 per month and vary per the package selection but they have a free trial which you can avail of earlier to purchasing the plan.

  • Review Ratings:

            According to stats the total review ratings for are 4.5 out of 5.

  • Forex Signal Factory:

                         It is not easy to find a free good forex signal provider in this market with a lot of competition, if you are looking for one then Forex Signal Factory is the right one.

  • Pricing info: 

              The forex signal factory provides the free of cost services and uses the strategy of human traders to provide information about the forex trading signals.

  • Review Ratings:

                          The best ratings given by the forex signal factory are 3.8 out of 5.  

  • We Talk Trade:

It is the user interface of this signal provider company that makes it unique among the other ones. With the website, they have also an app available which has created so much ease for the traders. The app is up for both android and apple users.

  • Success rate:

                    The results on their signals providing service have a verified success rate of 85%.

  • Pricing info

                       The estimated costs start from $250 and go till $2200.

  • Review Ratings:

                        According to the latest records, the ratings are 3.0 out of 5.

If you are new to this or even if you have experience in this world of Forex trading these top forex signal providers providing the best quality services will help you polish your trade skills and current trading strategy to get the best outcome.