Ecommerce Platform Mzizzi Rebrands to Anzili With New Product Offerings


Ecommerce platform Mzizzi is now Anzili.

This is part of the company’s progress as it evolves and scales to meet the demands of its customers it has helped serve for the last couple of years.

Anzili says that when it started out, its brand image was outdated and overwhelming. The team was fresh and energetic, but the brand was not, which was the site’s major setback.

Our key messaging was lost and not translating to what we wanted our merchants, entrepreneurs, potential customers to understand: that we were there to hold their hand as they built their businesses – Anzili on the blandness of the Mzizzi when it went live.

To this end, Anzili believes that it has gone past the big dreams to restore its brand and image to reflect the company’s identity and voice.

The shift from Mzizzi to Anzili, which also comes with a new logo, has been backed up by multiple reasons from the company.

First, Anzili says that people couldn’t spell Mzizzi right. That is true for many, including yours truly; it was either Mzizi or Mizizzi for us, which is kind of a shame.

How would you feel if people kept getting the spelling or pronunciation of your name wrong? See, our former name was MZIZZI, we loved this name. We dreamt about what a lovely name it was, sometimes our colleagues would overdo it and name their kids Mzizzi, oh, what wonderful time – says Anzili in a post announcing the news.

Secondly, Anzili adds that its logo was representative of an ecommerce site – but the company is more than that now.

Our brands also didn’t have a sense of cohesion, we had Paytree for payments, Mzizzi for eCommerce and it just didn’t feel like they were related. Moving forward we are merging both of them into one brand – Anzili

You can find out more about what Anzili sells online here.

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