Is It Possible To Track A Lost Phone Using IMEI? The Best Answer


Losing a phone isn’t less than experiencing the most terrible nightmare in real life. At first, you may probably try not to panic, but the situation makes it hard for you to control your emotions because you are still unable to find your phone.

In the end, you have no option left than facing the ugly truth, but what about the precious items you had stored inside your beloved gadget? You can’t bear the loss of losing them, right?

At certain events, taking appropriate steps using some innovative apps certainly does a fair deed. The phone is gone for good, but the items you had stored inside can’t be reverted back to your second smartphone.

Hence, instead of losing hope, it’s good to search about how to track lost mobile with IMEI numbers because it’s possible to track your smartphone using this code.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity that describes the identity of your smartphone. It can be a great lifesaver. I often find my device with IMEI whenever I go through the same situation as yours.

But how is that possible? Let’s unwrap this hidden but most effective solution that does work.

What is IMEI?

As said before, IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It defines your mobile identity so that you can use this code whenever you have to deal with an issue. You can find the IMEI number mentioned behind/back/inside your smartphone’s box. But now the question is, how to track lost mobile with an IMEI number? So let’s give the best answer.

How To Track Lost Mobile With IMEI Number? A detailed guide

No matter if you have heard someone saying “find my device with IMEI” or you have randomly got to know about the term “IMEI” and its helpfulness in finding a lost phone. If you want to trace your lost phone, let’s introduce you to the entire process of finding a lost device with IMEI.

In a nutshell, you use IMEI with special software and app – it won’t be wrong to call the IMEI tracker or the IMEI phone tracker provided on the internet to find a lost device.

You provide IMEI of your smartphone to these apps and let them track down your smartphone’s location within a matter of few minutes.

Some of the most popular apps that help you find your lost phone with an IMEI number are as follows –


Although there are many IMEI tracker apps, but to find my device with IMEI, I personally use Famisafe because it is reliable. It provided me with accurate data about my phone’s location once I lost it. It isn’t just an app tracker but a comprehensive solution that mitigates the challenges of man’s life. The app comes with parental control features; if you have a child and you are concerned about their lifestyle, the app is the best way to spy on them.

Google Find My Device

Most people when Google about how to track lost mobile with IMEI number? Google itself gives the solution and recommends its own Google Find My Device. But does it work? If the app fails to spot your device’s current location, it may display the last location of your lost device. 

IMEI Tracker – Find My Device

Once my friend had to find my device with IMEI because I forgot to carry my phone while leaving his home. And yeah, it was the first incident with me. But thanks to my friend for helping me through the IMEI tracker app because it helped me identify my phone’s location. The phone was beneath a pillow at my friend’s home.

Lost Android

Lost android is another one of the most obvious answers you get after searching on Google how to track lost mobile with an IMEI number. Unfortunately, if you are using iPhone to trace the location of your lost device, the app won’t be able to help you since it is made for android devices. 

The app has the highest rating on Playstore, but it fails to work exactly the way it commits at certain events. Though, it happens most probably because of the ever-changing android version.

Find my Phone

How to track lost mobile with IMEI number using the find my phone app? This is one of the most typical questions asked on Google because the app is a bit difficult to use. At first glance, you may find it a great app because of a good rating on the play store, but eventually, it turns out a bit irritating since you are required to hit another research work on how to use this app that sucks.

The Bottom Line

If I have to find my device with IMEI, I’ll go with Famisafe because it is the best. Mainly if you are a busy mom/dad, this app works way more than your expectation. It isn’t just an IMEI tracker but a complete package. From the real-time location, previous history of the targeted device, device usage, and activity report, the app helps you in a 360-degree way. This makes it certain that you don’t use this app once but again and again because it is an all-rounder app.


Is it possible to find a lost phone?

Yes, using an IMEI phone tracker, you can easily find your lost phone on the go. You can take the help of Famisafe, which is a free GPS locator app that provides you instant resolution.

What is IMEI? How is it helpful in finding a lost phone?

IMEI is the unique identity of your smartphone. In brief, IMEI refers to as International Mobile Equipment Identity that you give to an IMEI tracker app to find your device if you lose it.

Are IMEI tracker apps Reliable?

I find my device with the IMEI tracker app whenever I lose it. The app is 100% reliable if you have installed it from a reliable source.