Showmax Pro To Air All EPL, La Liga and Serie A Matches, Ligue 1 is Suspiciously Missing

Showmax Pro will be live streaming all matches of the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and DStv Premier League in more than 50 countries across Africa - but where is Ligue 1 with its high profile signings? Also, Champions League matches are only available in SA.


Showmax Pro came in handy during the airing of the just concluded Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Previously, the video streaming platform, which also hosts a ton of movies, has seen customers enjoy live matches and news streaming from leading media houses at an extra fee from what the normal Showmax costs.

Showmax Pro has now announced that it will stream every single match of the EPL, La Liga and Serie A in more than 50 countries in Africa (basically the entire continent).

The development, as usual, is thanks to the platform’s partnership with SuperSport.

The EPL kicks off on Friday 13 with Arsenal set off to challenge newly-promoted Brentford.

Overall, the season is going to be very exciting, considering that in the past 18 months, matches were played largely behind closed doors, which affected the dynamics of play, not least the benefits of home advantage following the onslaught of the pandemic.

Here are some key highlights that will define the season:

  1. The new season of Premier League is now in its 30th year
  2. The transfer season has had fans enthralled, with much of the focus on Tottenham striker Harry Kane’s future
  3. Kane is is available to face Manchester City in Sunday’s Premier League season opener – according to coach Nuno Espirito Santo, at least. 
  4. Manchester City are the defending champions, having won their fifth Premier League title during the previous season. 
  5. Manchester United will also face a lot of pressure. With manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer handed a new contract, he’ll be expected to do better than last season when their initial ambition gave way to City’s late-season heroics. 
  6. The addition of four new managers will also add flair and a sense of anticipation to the league, not least the appointment of Rafael Benitez at Everton. Spurs and Wolves also have new managers, but the most intriguing of all is Senegal-born Patrick Vieira at Crystal Palace. A World Cup winner for France in his day, the former midfielder will need to prove his management skills in double-quick time in an environment as unforgiving as the Premier League. 
  7. This will be the third season to use the video assistant referee (VAR) review system, and it will be the second season to have a February winter break. If VAR has lost its novelty effect, how might the return of crowds’ impact on the league?

The season will end on 22 May, 2022 with all 20 teams playing on the same day, bringing the curtain down on a mammoth 380 fixtures. 

Showmax Pro costs KES 2100, or KES 1050 for mobile-only.