TECNO’s New Brand Slogan Promises to Stop At Nothing


TECNO is one of the many phone companies owned by the publicly traded Chinese Corporation, Transsion Holdings. The phone maker has been in the Kenyan space for a long time and arrived here first with feature phones before it transitioned to smartphones.

To date, it is obvious that TECNO has done well. Its focus on emerging markets in Africa and other regions has paid off. It is a well-known brand that offers value to customers in markets where people do not have the capacity to afford high-end devices.

Today, TECNO has announced a new brand slogan named Stop At Nothing.

The slogan, which is supported with a new video is said to ‘pay tribute to those who continue to push forward against all odds.’

In essence, TECNO says that the brand name, which will also be complemented with a hashtag of the same phrase on social media pages, showcases the company’s recognition of ‘human progress and people’s pursuit for purpose, potential and excellence.’

In the same spirit, the slogan celebrates ‘progressive mavericks’ and those ‘young at heart.’

In the coming days, TECNO fans and customers will start seeing the campaign on the internet. It will launch across the globe, and will feature elements such as a 60-second global brand video created to showcase the ‘resilience of human spirit.’

The campaign is a culmination of TECNO’s marketing and brand teams in its leading markets, including KENYA, Nigeria, India, the Philippines and Russia.

“We’ve seen how resilient and progressive society can be in the face of adversity, especially among young adults in emerging markets. No matter where you come from or what you physically look like or gender you belong to, people will “stop at nothing” to progress and find creative and disruptive ways to achieve their potential. In return, they find themselves on a joyous and exciting journey,” says Danni Xu, CMO of TECNO. “And this attitude and spirit resonates so strongly with TECNO that we were compelled to embrace it and position it at the very core of who we are and what we do as a technology brand.”

TECNO has since partnered with big brands such as Manchester City. The company has also sought the services of Chris Evans, a Hollywood actor as its worldwide brand ambassador.

While the company started as a budget hunter, it has since grown to build premium phones, such as the recently launched Phantom X.

“We are confident that we have figured out the right strategy in terms of many aspects like elegant design language, camera technology, and total user experience,” says Stephen Ha, General Manager at TECNO.

TECNO concludes that it is at the forefront of meeting the demands of overlooked market demands by developing smart tech devices and services for consumers in more than 70 developing nations.

“We want to provide consumers with a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services at competitive prices, from smartphones, tablets, smart wearables to AIoT devices,” says Ha.


  1. Today, an effective slogan and product name is the basis of the company’s marketing policy. Naming is a process during which various variants of the name of a company, product or service are generated, taking into account the specifics of the company’s work – its goals, values and benchmarks in the market.

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