Twitter Intros Safety Mode to Limit Abuse by Automatically Blocking Harassers

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Your experience on Twitter is about to get a whole better thanks to the new Safety Mode tool Twitter is testing that will limit abuse on the platform.

Unwelcome interactions are such an annoying experience on Twitter and the social media giant is working on reducing the amount of abuse on its platform.

Today, the company announced Safety Mode with the aim of limiting unwelcome tweets.

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When you enable Safety Mode on your account found in the privacy settings tab, Twitter will temporarily block accounts for seven days for using potentially harmful language including hateful remarks, insults or sending repetitive and uninvited replies or mentions. 

Twitter says that their systems will assess the likelihood of a negative engagement by considering both the Tweet’s content and the relationship between the Tweet author and replier. 

However, Twitter will take into account existing relationships between accounts so that accounts you follow or frequently interact with don’t get automatically blocked.

When accounts are blocked, they wont be able to follow your account, see your Tweets, or send you Direct Messages for 7 days.

After a week, it can be activated again.

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