Instagram Adds New Collab Features for Posts and Reels Plus Desktop Posting

Now you can also post from desktop browsers too


Instagram is ramping up features for its platform with a focus on creators including the ability to post photos and videos right from the desktop.

Instagram has also announced a new “Collabs” feature for its Feed and Reels that will let users jointly share ownership of a single feed post or Reel.

Two accounts can now collaborate on a post or Reel. Content posted on either format will appear on each user’s followers including the comments, likes and view count. This collab feature is enabled from the tagging screen and that the other collaborator will have to accept the invite.

Instagram is adding new features focussing on music to Reels including Superbeat that adds effects to a video to the beat of a song, Dynamic and 3D lyrics that offer a more interesting way to display song lyrics during a video.

Instagram Reels 3D Lyrics

Another new feature is the Fundraiser feature to support nonprofit fundraising from a standalone button right on the profile. The fundraiser option joins other options in the create tab such as Post, Story, Story Highlight, IGTV video, Guide, Reels or Live.

This feature was first seen in mid-September.

Desktop posting is finally here. Instagram has added a new create button/icon right next to the Messenger icon. Clicking on it lets you upload both photos and videos with a less than one-minute view in length using their desktop web browser – expect more crisp and refined content.

Instagram has definitely gone full offensive to grab the attention of creators who might be attracted by TikTok‘s even better tools for content creation on their various pages.

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  1. I’m not sure, but I think such features are being added to compete with YouTube, which recently became the most visited site on the planet. I think that this is not the most effective, although let’s see how it will be

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