How About Multicam Feeds When Watching Football? Showmax Pro Has Just Launched the Feature


The reason people buy Showmax Pro is mainly games. The video-on-demand platform released the Pro subscription plan more than one year ago, and is a nice addition to people who have Wi-Fi at their homes, and want to enjoy games, live news feeds, and films/TV shows under one app.

This weekend, (24th October), Showmax Pro has announced that it will be introducing multiple cam feeds for games.

This is a new development that will see fans enjoy matches by watching matches from multiple angles. It is also timely because the weekend will be a busy one: there is an El Classico match, alongside other interesting matches over the weekend.

According to Showmax, the innovative visual experience gives viewers a greater range of options, providing a new experience and a more customized way of enjoying football.

The multicam feed consists of four separate feeds on one screen along with the Mediacoach stats and info tool.

The feed will also incorporate fresh and breezy commentary appealing to younger audiences.  

“We are proud to be the first online streaming service in Africa to introduce the multicam feed for such a highly anticipated game. Fans are constantly looking for ways to enhance their viewing experience and with this cutting-edge technology, viewers can watch football in style, like Pros,” said Barry Dubovsky, Chief Operating Officer for Showmax. 

The multicam feed consists of the following screens:   

Main screen: This screen includes a special form of superfeed that highlights the main special cameras included in the broadcast. The base feed will be the view from the master camera, complemented by views from the rest of the cameras, drone shots, graphics, and live stats.  

Following the ball: Aerial camera combined with detailed shots. These cameras are always focused on the ball and the player in possession, providing a closer image to follow the player’s actions in detail.   

Around the goal area: This window shows all the action around the goal area where viewers see the very best shots from every attack on goal as well as highlights of each and every intervention from the keepers.  

Camera on the bench: This feed alternates between shots of the home and visitors’ benches. The viewer will be able to follow the coaches’ instructions, reactions to key moments in the match and also keep a close eye on the subs.   

Stats window: The four-image feed leaves space at the bottom of the screen for a layer of dynamic graphics and visuals featuring stats from the match.  

Showmax Pro costs KES 2100, or KES 1050 for mobile only.