5 Pieces of Tech That Will Make Your Home a Cinema


With the introduction of streaming services giving you a steady stream of movies available with the click of a button, more and more you’ll hear people saying “I’ll wait until I can get it at home” about movies. There’s something too appealing about watching a movie with a blanket and a hot drink rather than the stale hotdogs of the cinema.

E-commerce companies in the USA are full of tech designed to make your life easier and more luxurious. Why shouldn’t you bring the cinema experience home? Cinemas are sticky and sometimes the chairs are uncomfortable and the people! The people need to stop talking in that row and the people in the seat in front need to put their phone away.

There are lots of things you could do with a cinematic environment for a great night of entertainment. You can invite the kids of the neighborhood round for a viewing of The Paw Patrol Movie as a way to socialize but conveniently keep them quiet. Have your teenage daughter sing karaoke with her friends or put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show and pull out the costumes to reenact it. And gaming nights will be elevated when Mario is almost life size. At this rate, your living room will turn into a Vegas stage.


Televisions nowadays are getting bigger and thinner, making for almost a cinematic experience to just watch the news. If a sparkling high resolution is what you’re looking for, some beautiful 8k televisions are hitting the market, so that you can really see all the lines on Rocky’s face. It’s arguably better than the cinema, which has an ongoing love-affair with their projector system.

Modern televisions will also be smart tv’s, holding access to a number of major streaming apps available to offer you whatever movie or TV show you desire.


If you’re looking to take your cinema to the next level, there is always the option of buying a projector. Yes, cinemas have a love affair with them, but for good reason.

Perhaps feeling like a step backwards technologically, projectors are making a comeback as the way to get the biggest screen your home will allow, without the hardware or price getting in the way. They can be big and attach to the ceiling or can come in small Alexa-sized pieces of hardware that can sit on a shelf. Plus, they offer a feeling of nostalgia that can come in handy when you stick on something like Casablanca with tissues and ice cream nearby.

You can invest in a screen to go with your projector so that if you want to decorate your wall when you’re not watching television, the screen can fold away. It is a convenient way to keep the use of your wall but be able to put away the TV screen at the end of viewing. They come in a variety of sizes and give you a stark white background to project your media onto, unlike what that accent wall would offer.


What filmmakers must often be reminded of is that as the adage goes: the ear is more critical than the eye. It can pick up on things that the eye will ignore like fuzzy sound. Therefore, a surround sound system will be vital to your cinematic home experience. A couple of loudspeakers can make all the difference to make you feel that explosion the hero is walking away from in slow motion.

There is a wide array of options when it comes to sound, such as wireless speakers or soundbars. They all can connect to your television with HDMI cables and give your movies and TV shows a crisp, clear output.

If you’re looking for the surround sound experience, you can invest in a set of wireless Bluetooth speakers and dot them around the room, rather than having a soundbar, although with great sound, coming from essentially where the TV is sitting anyway. If you want to get really into the movie you can add a subwoofer so that you can really feel the rumbling of that boulder chasing Indiana Jones.

Smart TV device

Here is the big choice: what do you want to watch? Well to answer that, you have to decide which media player you would like to use. Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku TV and Amazon Fire stick are all fine choices that will offer you all the major applications. Google Chromecast needs you to visit a website to gain access to these applications, and Amazon Fire gives you the option of that while having a wide roster of applications to choose from. Apple TV however has a set list of apps you can’t add to, so you’re out of luck if the movie you want isn’t included.

Voice Control

And if you want to get really luxurious with it, you can ask Alexa to control the TV, the lights, the sound, even the popcorn maker.