Telkom’s Service Interruption Lasts More Than 15 Hours, Longest Downtime Kenya Has Seen


Operator service interruptions are normal because technology products fail sometimes.

Often, such issues are fixed in a timely manner, and in some instances, interruptions affect only a small part of carrier or enterprise services.

Even so, operators usually warn customers when such an interruption is incoming as we have seen in the past. In doing so, a customer knows that he or she cannot access certain services, meaning they are mentally prepared for the loss of service.

This is not the case with Telkom Kenya.

The country’s third-largest operator is still undergoing the longest service interruption we have ever seen in Kenya.

It is now more than 15 hours since the issue was reported.

According to Telkom, the carrier is still experiencing a service interruption that has affected its GSM Prepaid Services and Global Data.

This means that Telkom Kenya customers cannot do anything on their phones, be it making a phone call, sending an SMS, or even browsing the internet.

Again, as of this writing, the said services are still out.

We will inform you once the services are back online. We are also following up on what is really happening, and why it has taken so long for such critical services to fail, putting more than 4 million of its customers at a massive disadvantage.