Twitter Now Lets You Like Tweets By Double-Tapping Them


Twitter is an interesting social media platform and has grown to become one of the most popular micro-blogging spaces (ahem!).

It has also been complemented by a lot of features over the years as it attempts to remain modern and more feature-rich.

More than one year ago, the platform thought it was a good idea to launch a story-style feature that we have seen in apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Named Fleets, the feature was actually good, but Twitter axed it, probably because it couldn’t figure out how to monetize it without being too obtrusive.

Now, the app is picking another feature that is well known on the picture-sharing platform Instagram: double-tapping tweets to like.

We are not sure how long the development has been undergoing tests, but it is here now.

Basically, instead of hitting the like button (which, if you have forgotten, was a star-shaped favourite button before the switch), you can just double-tap on a tweet to like it.

To note, the process is not as smooth as we have seen on Instagram, but this is something we are sure will be fixed in the coming days.

Twitter has been struggling to raise revenue over the years. While it has millions of users, its earnings do not come close to what the likes of Facebook make.

The site’s founder Jack Dorsey has also since left the company, and his CEO roles were picked by Parag Agrawal.