Explore Kenya Digitally Through A New Virtual Platform

Virtual Kenya

In keeping up with digital technology, a website has been launched that will allow locals and non locals to explore Kenya virtually.

Kenya House is a digital hub for information on Kenya’s past, present and future.

When you visit the website, you are greeted by an image of a house that resembles dwellings of the Elmolo community. The Kenya House concept is inspired by the architecture of the El Molo, the smallest ethnic group in Kenya. The house features 4 doors reminiscent of the hand carved wooden Swahili heritage doors of Lamu island. These doors provide entry into the four focal points of the website –  Sports,  Tourism, Culture and Trade.

Under the sports pillar, you will find information on Kenya’s sporting legends including the famed Eliud Kipchige, Joyce Jepkosgei, and rugby star Humphrey Kayange. Keep up to date with sporting events where Kenya is represented by regularly viewing the Sports Updates tab.

In a bid to encourage Kenyans and tourists to explore our vast landscape of wildlife and natural wonders, Kenya House details tourist attractions around the country. There are plans to expand this section of the platform to become a one-stop-shop for travelers planning a trip within our borders.

explore kenya

Kenya has a rich cultural heritage and the Kenya House Culture tab gives an immersive look into the different aspects of our local tradition. Experience the 3D virtual tour that takes you through a journey of music, dance, art, and history. What a great way to learn about our people!

Finally, a click on the trade pillar reveals an exhibition of Kenya’s investment and trade opportunities under the #MAKEITKENYA. Here, potential investors can dive deep into our energy, transport, construction, ICT, health, and manufacturing industries.

The value of such a platform in connecting and exposing Kenya to a global audience is immense. It is easy to see how the website can open doors for tourism, cultural exchange initiatives, business, and investment.

Furthermore, Kenya House is a channel that promotes national unity and national pride. Through the website, It is evident that this country’s successes are founded on contributions by each and every tribe on our soil.

The work by the team at Kenya House is guided by what they have coined “Kenyans Cheering Kenyans”. They are calling on you to use #TEAMKE every time you share a win by a Kenyan Visit https://kenyahouse2020.ke/ and spend time learning and experiencing all things Kenya. Keep an eye on the website and their socials for further updates to the site.