Once Again, mySafaricom App Will Be Offline Tonight

MySafaricom App

A couple of days ago, Safaricom announced that mySafaricom app services would be unavailable, albeit for a short period.

That was among the fewer times that the app had gone under maintenance.

Usually, we are used to seeing the firm’s mobile money product M-PESA going offline for a couple of hours. But that has since been addressed, because it has been a while since the carrier announced an outage for the same.

In today’s announcement, mySafaricom app will go offline for a couple of hours as the carrier patches some things about it.

Here is a message that the telco has dispatched to its customers:

Dear Customer, Due to planned maintenance mySafaricom App will be unavailable from 12/3/ 2022@11:59 PM to 13/3/2022 @4AM.*100#, *200# & *334# will be available.

As seen, access to the software will be unavailable from midnight, today.

However, the app will be back a couple of hours later at 4 AM, Sunday morning.

This means that groups that solely use the app, and at that time, should make the necessary preparations.

We know mySafaricom app is all-inclusive than the M-PESA app, and some people have actually chosen to use it all the time in place of the much loved M-PESA app.

If the apps are not your jam, then worry not, because the service will still be accessible from your STK.

Make the necessary preparations as you enjoy the weekend.