Twitter New Collab Feature to Let You Co-author Tweets

Twitter Spaces

Twitter has been on a roll testing and launching new features – mostly clones of other social media features. The latest one comes from Instagram.

Twitter is working on bringing a new collab feature that will let users co-author tweets just like Instagram Collab.

This new feature will allow users to collaborate with another Twitter account to post the same tweet to be shared to their respective followers.

This new feature is not yet public and will only work if the tagged user agrees to collaborate after you request them.

This feature will come in handy for social media influencers working with partner businesses for their brand Ad deals.

As seen above, both handles will be visible for that collab tweet.

This year, Twitter has added the option to collab in the tweet composer interface plus making both profile images seen in the tweet.

This feature gets improved on by adding clarifications of how it will work.

Other creator-focused features Twitter has launched include SuperFollows, Newsletter Integration, and Twitter Spaces.

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