Kenya Power Set to Introduce Sambaza Tokens

kplc prepaid meters

What would you do if you were able to share Kenya Power tokens with friends or family, just in the same manner you Sambaza data bundles or airtime?

This is exactly what the power corporation is planning for its customers. The product, according to a report published by Business Daily, will mainly target pre-paid customers.  

The product has been developed by a company called Numeral IoT. It is based in Nairobi and has since received from Kenya Power to roll out the service but as a pilot.

The application will come in handy in many instances. One of them, as said, is sharing power tokens with friends and family. The second one is a case where a person purchases tokens in a rental house but suddenly moves, leaving his unit behind. The sharing option will allow them to move the tokens to their next house.

Kenya Power has been busy of the last couple of months. It has already installed more than 67K smart metres. It is targeting to install 75K smart metres for SMEs by the end of this financial year.

The smart meters are devices developed to help Kenya Power reduce losses experienced in its current technology, fixing weaknesses from leakages to illegal connections.

They are installed in partnership with Safaricom. The telco had said that exercise would cost it KES 32 billion.

These smart metre are plugged in at distribution feeders, transformers, and consumers whose usage is over 200 kilowatts.

Kenya Power has also announced plans to launch a fixed internet service named Lit Fibre. It will go live in June 2023.