How to Get iPhone 14 Pro-Like Dynamic Island Feature on Android Smartphones

Dynamic Spot Android App

Recently, Apple introduced on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro a feature known as the Dynamic island which gives users the ability to multitask and view all the current activities. Users are able to consolidate all their application activities from one place without having to visit one app after another.

The feature also allows users to check alerts, control music, set timers, manage Airdrop connections and also follow map directions.

The dynamic island is also visible when your iPhone is unlocked. An Android application developed has been able to incorporate the new iPhone 14 Pro’s feature, the dynamic island.

Yes, that’s right, it is now possible to have a dynamic island on an android device with the application available on Google Playstore.

The copycat application version of the dynamic island is known as DynamicSpot and has over 100,000 downloads on Playstore.

The application’s developer, Jawamo said in an online forum that the new copycat version, the dynamic spot is customizable and offers flexibility as compared to the one available on iPhone 14.

Having tested it out, I can admit the application offers a new feel to the way we interact with notifications.

Previous notifications could be set to pop on the screen and stick to the side while other settings would allow notifications to pop from the top and disappear after a few seconds.

After downloading the application, you are required to do some customization such as setting the applications whose notifications you would like to receive from the dynamic island as well as setting the positioning and size of the island on your Android smartphone screen.