You will Now Pay Less for Fuliza Overdraft


Fuliza, which was introduced in 2019 in a partnership between Safaricom, NCBA, and KCB now has new discounted tariffs.

The overdraft facility now has lower tariffs and Safaricom with its partners added that they reduced the rates after assessing current consumer behaviour and economic conditions.

The overdraft solution linked to a customer’s mobile money wallet now sports a new discounted tariff of up to 40%.

Safaricom Lowers Fuliza Interest Rates

Band (KES)Old Tariff (Per Day)New Tariff (Per Day)
0-100KES 0 KES 0
101-500KES 5 KES 3 (40% discount)
501-1000KES 12 KES 6 (40% discount)
1001-1500KES 20 KES 18 (10%discount)
1501-2500KES 25 KES 20 (20% discount)
2501-70000KES 30KES 30(16.7% discount)

The new discounted tariffs go live from next month(Ist October 2022) and will be available for all Fuliza customers with a positive limit and no outstanding balance.

It’s worth noting that the new tariffs will apply after you’ve cleared your balance.

As a reminder, these were the previous rates:

Band (KES)Tariff (per day)Promotional Tariff for 30 days from launch
0-100KES 2.4One-time fee of KES 0
101-500KES 6
501-1000KES 12
1001-1500KES 26
1501-2500KES 30
2501-70000KES 36

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