What Does Big Eyes Coin Have To Offer, And How Does It Compare to Flow and Tron?

big eyes coin

We frequently witness the development of new virtual platforms that have the potential to become the industry’s next big thing. Some platforms have the potential to drastically alter how people use computers worldwide. While some concepts concentrate on privacy and security, others aim to develop an app economy for computing resources.

Each platform has its own features, currency, and investment returns. This has been advantageous since it has created a varied investment portfolio and promoted healthy competition.

The disadvantage of this has been the uncertainty that potential investors or the typical individual looking to enter the cryptocurrency market may experience. This article will discuss Big Eyes Coin and why it should be noted alongside Flow and Tron.

What Does Big Eyes Offer Its Users?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a community token that aims to safeguard an essential region of the global ecosphere while also transferring money into the DeFi ecosystem. The community is committed to increasing DeFi’s use and acceptance globally. Big Eyes wants to create a tightly connected ecosystem that will produce income and provide a portion to an organization supporting ocean conservation.

Big Eyes Coin will give NFT gifts, tokens, and other benefits to members of the ecosystem. Retail sales, a levy on NFT purchases, and public relations to raise money. The network’s dynamic tax system, purchasing a liquidity pool, auto burn, and the network’s marketing wallet will benefit members.

Members of the network may carry out various tasks using BIG (the ecosystem’s cryptocurrency), including staking, buying liquidity pools, paying fees, getting rewards, and carrying out NFT transactions.

Why Is Flow Different?

Flow is a blockchain that is quick, decentralized, and developer-friendly. It is intended to serve as the basis for a new generation of games, applications, and digital assets that power them. It is based on a unique multi-role architecture designed to scale without sharding, allowing massive performance and throughput gains while retaining a developer-friendly, ACID-compliant environment. FLOW is the native currency for applications, games, and smart contracts built on the Flow blockchain. Developers may easily incorporate FLOW into apps for peer-to-peer payments, service pricing, or letting users get incentives for the value they provide. Token holders may earn rewards by staking their FLOW as a security deposit and helping to secure the network by operating validator nodes.

What of Tron?

Tron is a decentralized blockchain protocol with the goal of establishing a decentralized content entertainment economy that lets anyone freely publish, preserve, and own data. Tronix (TRX) is the native coin of the Tron system.

Tron’s architecture is divided into three layers: storage, core, and application. The Tron protocol uses internal pricing processes such as bandwidth and energy to fairly distribute computing resources among TRX holders.

In the Tron consensus mechanism, transactions are authorized by 27 representatives who keep track of the transaction history. Consequently, super delegates are picked every six hours and compensated with TRX tokens created by the system. People are also compensated every 3 seconds for contributing blocks to the Tron blockchain.

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