Safaricom ‘OG’ Postpay Customers Can Now Share Minutes With Friends and Family

new safaricom post pay

UPDATE: This seems to be working for the old Postpay (the KES 1000 one), and not the new postpay that was released back in 2020.


Postpay customers, Safaricom ones, in this case, have some nice perks with that service. They get to access lots of minutes for voice, unlimited SMS, and a substantial amount of data, but that is based on the package they pick.

However, we have also asked what happens to customers who cannot exhaust their bundles/units? In the past, minutes could be rolled over to the next month. It is how customers who had the old postpay product (the one that costs KES 1000 and comes with 1000 minutes and 100 MBs of data) accumulated so many minutes that they couldn’t share with their family or friends.

The product was also discontinued (but it still exists for the customers who managed to get it early). Safaricom then introduced the new postpay to cater to people who wanted a hassle-free experience with how they access carrier services.

We learned that with the new postpay, you can be able to share data bundles with another party. This goes a long way in reducing the data count for people who have a lot of bundles, and want to share them with groups that do not have access to them.

So, how about minutes? Well, a couple of months ago, Safaricom revealed that this could be done, but it was not working for a number of postpay customers. However, it appears that the service now works just fine.

So, do you have a ton of minutes that you want to share? You can do so from your postpay account.

The process

To share minutes with people around you, just dial *444*4#, and then gift a friend. It is that easy.

We do not why it took Safaricom this long to launch this service for postpay customers, but at least, it is here.

So, go ahead, and request for those minutes from a person who does not exhaust them in any given month.