New Changes to Safaricom Postpay Make it Less Attractive


Safaricom has been making some ruthless decisions over the last couple of months regarding how its services are dispensed to customers. It introduced data caps on its Home Fibre product in a move that was defended as a plan to stop fibre resellers. Just the other day, it revealed that Bonga Points will now be expiring in a bid to compel customers to redeem them.

And that’s not all.

Yesterday, we learned that telco had reduced the price of its All In One Bundle.

However, the same development has also been made Postpaid bundles, but there is more to it.

First, the two products will now be under the Go Monthly plan. This follows the cut in price/reversal of the price jump that was introduced in July 2021 following the adjustment of Excise Duty on Airtime and Telephone Services from 15% to 20%.

Secondly, all All in One and Postpaid plans will cost the same amount. Specifically, Go Monthly 1K plan go for KES 1,000, down from KES 1050; the 2K plan will go for KES 2,000 down from KES 2,100; the 3K plan will go for KES 3,000 down from KES 3,150; the 5K plan will go for KES 5,000 down from 5,200; while the 10K plan will go for KES 10,000, down from KES 10,430.

The exact number of units you can get from these changes can be seen here (applicable for Postpaid too).

Moreover, All Go Monthly customers will enjoy free 2GB of YouTube every month, while customers on the 5k and 10k plans will enjoy unlimited data capped at 45GB and 100GB respectively. Once the data is exhausted, customers will be able to access the internet at a reduced speed of 3mbps.

Also, Go Monthly customers will be able to use their minutes to call across all local networks as well as China, India, USA, and Canada.

Now, this is where it gets interesting for Postpaid customers: their minutes will not be rolled over to the next month once the validity period has ended. Previously, they could do that.

Safaricom says that only data will be rolled over.

As part of the revamp, the plans will have a validity of 30 days, and only data will roll over upon renewal of PostPay or purchase of another monthly bundle – Safaricom in a statement

The telco has further revealed that it will bundle an option that will allow Go Monthly customers to buy a 4G/5G smartphone through monthly payments that will also include data, voice, and SMS. The details of this product will be shared later.

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