Instagram Rolls out Quiet Mode: A New Way to Spend Less Time on Your Addictions


Instagram has launched Quiet mode to help users focus and to encourage people to set boundaries with their friends and followers. Once enabled, you won’t receive any notifications, your profile’s activity status will change to let people know and we’ll automatically send an auto-reply when someone sends you a DM.

An icon will also appear alongside a user’s profile’s activity to let others know they have Quiet Mode engaged. Users will receive a summary of any notifications they may have missed when they turn the mode off and are ready to leap back into their addiction.

Though the Feature is labeled to everyone, It was rolled out in the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, hoping to launch in the rest of the world later.

According to Meta “Teens have told us they’re looking for more ways to focus while studying, during school, and at night,” Meta President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg said in a statement.

Meta doesn’t specify the duration users will have to spend before receiving the notification, The notification should just tell users to turn off Instagram altogether if they want us to focus.

Meta’s own internal research, made public by whistleblower Frances Haugen in the Facebook Papers, shows the company knew teens were blaming Instagram for increases in the rate of anxiety and depression.

New Ways to Manage Your Recommendations
New Ways to Manage Your Recommendations

Instagram says it will also now let users choose words, or lists of words, hashtags, or emojis they wish to avoid seeing in recommended content, presumably to cut down on users’ interaction with posts they personally find harmful or unpleasant. 

It seems social media companies know what they are doing as TikTok also updated their tools to silence harmful hashtags.