TECNO Unveils New Magic Skin for Its Smartphones

TECNO Magic Skin
Soft texture on the TECNO Magic Skin

TECNO continues to push its boundaries for its smartphones – from software, to hardware to cameras and overall design. Last year the company launched the Mondrian version of the Camon 19 series, the Spark 9 series had a BMW Sport version featuring the blue and white colours in an icy crystal design.

TECNO Spark 9 Pro Sport Edition Review

This year’s Phantom X2 series had a Mars Orange Version that used recycled materials from the ocean that are converted to microfibers for the back of the phone.

TECNO Phantom X2 Pro and TECNO Phantom X2 BACK

TECNo has now gone an extra step ahead and launched a new magic skin made from cutting-edge material technology which brings beautiful, fashionable, premium and functional design that will feature on its upcoming phones slated for this year.

TECNO Magic Skin
Waterproof TECNO Magic Skin

The design is modern and sleek as seen on high-end yacht and automotive interiors. The texture is soft as well for easy cleaning. It’s waterproof, heat and cold resistant, stain and abrasion resistant.

TECNO Magic Skin
Soft texture on the TECNO Magic Skin

The new magic skin is meant to meet demands of African consumers. TECNO says that the skin is made from a unique blend of polymers and micro-particles which create a skin-friendly, stylish and easy-to-clean coating.

TECNO’s new magic skin not only serves aesthetic purposes with the visual allure but is also functional and practical.

The company’s dedication to exploring new creative frontiers in terms of design and material innovativeness hasn’t gone unnoticed. TECNO has won several awards including the iF Design Award, MUSE Product Design Silver Awards, CMF Design Gold Award, Sustainable Design Award and more.

It is expected that the new Magic skin will be first unveiled with the upcoming Camon 20 series that’s launching very soon.