Huawei Protests European Commission Ban

European Commission Ban Huawei responds

The European Commission released a statement urging member states to ban Huawei from 5G networks. The European Commission claimed Huawei and ZTE represent higher risks than other 5G suppliers.

Part of the European Commission statement read: “The Commission considers that decisions adopted by Member States to restrict or exclude Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks are justified and compliant with the 5G Toolbox.

In a rejoinder, Huawei strongly opposed and disagreed with the statement made by the EU Commission. The Chinese technology company claimed the statement is not based on any verified or transparent assessment of 5 G Networks.

5G is currently being deployed across the world and many nations are banking on it to drive innovation. For example, the recent merger of two UK telcos was hyped as a chance to get extra strength in deploying 5G in the country.

European Commission Cybersecurity Concerns

The European Commission representatives issued the statement after adopting recommendations from the European Court of Auditors.

On its part, Huawei acknowledged the commission had legitimate reasons for concern. Indeed, they have a right to protect cybersecurity within the EU. Recently, Reuters reported that Chinese hackers are spying on critical US infratructure.

However, Huawei believes the move will pose economic threats to the regional bloc. In addition, Huawei believes the exclusion is discriminatory.

An Oxford Economics report states that excluding Huawei could increase 5G investment costs by up to tens of billions of euros, and it will have to be paid by European consumers.”: claimed Huawei in the statement.

Moreover, Huawei holds procedural and substantial rights that should be protected under the EU and Member States’ laws.

To address cybersecurity concerns, Huawei has opened a Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels. This centre is open to customers and independent third-party testing organizations.

The Chinese company states it has a strong will to deliver globally certified and trusted products. It hopes to continue connecting millions of Europeans.

As of now, it is not clear whether Huawei will seek legal redress.

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