What are ChatGPT plugins, and how to connect them

ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT plugins are additional software components that can be attached to the chatbot to enhance its capabilities. They are modules that can be integrated for specific tasks, including e-commerce, search, entertainment, education, and more.

Currently, there are about 90 extensions in the ChatGPT plugin shop. Surely their number will continue to grow as developers figure out the intricacies of writing these add-ons for the OpenAI platform.

Adding plugins to ChatGPT is simple enough. But this option is currently open only to owners of the ChatGPT Plus subscription, for which you must pay $20 monthly.

In the new ChatGPT, you will only need to ask a question that mentions and engage the installed software. In this case, the output results depend on the quality of the execution of the plugin, not only on ChatGPT itself.

It is worth noting that the plugin system for ChatGPT is currently in beta testing. The ecosystem is not yet debugged to the final version, so a chatbot may produce erroneous results or not work in combination with extensions. In addition, OpenAI still needs to add an easy-to-use search to the plugin shop.

Which plugins for ChatGPT may be useful

1. Browsing.

The Browsing Plugin is an optional assistant capable of browsing the internet. With this plugin, ChatGPT accesses the latest and most accurate information to answer questions previously outside its limited knowledge base.

Writers from paperhelp.org reviews service who use this plugin say that ChatGPT uses Microsoft’s Bing API and additional security algorithms to search for truthful information. The bot shows the sites it links to when it generates answers. This allows you to check the accuracy of the results.

2. Code Interpreter

Code Interpreter uses Python and runs in an isolated runtime environment. This plugin runs code in a persistent session that remains active for the chat session. The extension even supports uploading files to the current workspace.

The plugin can help beginners speed up writing and optimizing code. Code Interpreter is handy for solving math problems, data analysis, visualization, and file format conversion.

3. Retrieval

Retrieval is an open-source extension that developers can run on their system and then register with ChatGPT. The plugin allows interaction with databases (Milvus, Qdrant, Redis, Weaviate, Zilliz) for indexing and searching documents. Sources of information can be synchronized with your database.

The plugin helps to find relevant snippets of documents from custom sources on request to the chatbot. These can be, for example, files, notes, emails, or public documentation of an organization. In this case, the chatbot will act as a search engine.

To try this plugin, you need permission to use the content to be indexed for searching.

4. Wolfram

The Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT combines text generation from a language model with Wolfram computation. This helps to find accurate data and solve complex problems in various fields.

Through this extension, the chatbot can communicate with Wolfram to answer questions, e.g., about mathematics. ChatGPT then produces results and a description of the solution.

With this duo, not only will it be able to find data that has already been checked, but it will also be able to do non-trivial calculations. Wolfram can give out visualizations for problems created by other users.

5. Zapier

The Zapier plugin for ChatGPT allows you to link around 5,000 applications and services together. You can interact with them via the chatbot interface. With the help of an extension, you can automate different tasks by giving commands to ChatGPT. This will save a lot of time in workflow.

For example, you can ask ChatGPT to find users’ contacts in CRM and update them directly or add rows in a table and send them to your messenger. You can also add new events to your calendar.

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