NCBA Loop Customers: Beware of an Email Hack Attempt on Your Account

NCBA Loop Email hack

In January the year, NCBA Loop announced a revamp to the application. With the new features, Loop had effectively become a neobank.

As with most digital platforms, they are subject to attacks. Today NCBA Loop users are reporting an email phishing attempt by unknown persons.

Phishing is an attempt to steal personal information or break in to online accounts using deceptive emails, messages, ads, or sites that look similar to sites you already use. For example, a phishing email might look like it’s from your bank and request private information about your bank account.

Kenyans who bank with NCBA and use the NCBA Loop app have come across such an email.

The email has the message: “Dear Client, You are actively logged in on more than one device, your account may be disabled until you visit your nearest branch, to fix this issue, you can restrict unauthorized devices here.”

Loop phishing email

The email is bound to create panic and prompt users to act. NCBA warns customers that the email is not from the bank.

NCBA Loop Investigating Reports

The bank has stated via Twitter responses that investigations are ongoing.

We have forwarded this to the relevant team for investigations to be done. Please note that LOOP will never ask you to log into an online page to validate your account, “: read part of the response.

Customers of Loop are urged to report any suspicious communication or links on 0709714444.

In addition, other Loop customers have reported receiving a suspicious text message. The message claimed to be a ticket number for an issue with the clients account. The bank responded to Loop users saying that was an error.

Loop has yet to issue an official statement on the reports or progress of the investigations.