NCBA Loop app has been revamped to Loop. This is a new super app by the lender, which also falls under the NCBA umbrella, but was launched primarily for the youth, with a touch of digital products and lifestyle features.

It has been around for more than five years, and this is the first time that the platform has been retouched.

We got a glimpse of or a rumour about this development in late 2022. However, the development of the revamp has mostly been done behind the scenes, and while a Dec 2022 launch had been promised, it never came to fruition, but better late than never.

Loop announced on Friday that customers would not be able to use the service over the weekend, all the way until today. Reason? Well, it was planning to upgrade the service with new features. We have looked at them, and they appear to be more than that because it is a revamp: the green/blue theme colour (we are colour blind over here) that we have always associated with Loop is now gone for orange, and there are new features in tow.


Link bank accounts safely, allowing one to make payments from a primary linked bank account.

Now, customers will have a feature that allows them to connect their bank accounts to Loop. By linking their accounts, a person can then make payments from their primary account without having to manually enter account information each time. This process is intended to be safe and secure, protecting the person’s financial information from unauthorized access or fraud.

Link cards on LOOP, making it easier & more secure to move, manage and pay money between accounts.

The feature allows users to link their credit or debit cards to Loop, allowing them to transfer, manage and make payments between their linked accounts. The process of linking the cards is intended to be easy and user-friendly, and the platform claims that it is also more secure than traditional methods of managing and paying money between accounts.

This can include for example easy way to transfer money between accounts, pay bills, move money to friends and family and so on.

Manage and redeem accumulated LOOP Points for rewards and offers.

Loop now enables users to earn and accumulate points through different actions, such as making purchases, referring friends, or completing surveys. These accumulated points can then be used to redeem rewards or special offers. The feature allows users to view and manage their points balance, and redeem their points for rewards such as discounts, gift cards, or merchandise.

This is a way of incentivizing or rewarding customers for their loyalty and engagement with the platform.


  1. You can invest in your future using the platform.
  2. You can opt into a savings plan.
  3. Loans will be available for customers.
  4. It has an overdraft facility.

Accessing Loop

If you are a Loop customer, then chances are that you have received a message alerting you of this development.

The message has a link to both iOS’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.

You can alternatively search for the app on the said stores; you can’t miss it because of its bright colours.

To set up, just log into the app using your normal Loop credentials. However, you will be tasked to reset your password.

Lastly, get rid of the NCBA Loop app because it will not be working anymore.


  1. controversial; why is the last statement “Lastly, get rid of the NCBA Loop app because it will not be working anymore”???

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