Digital Sex Offenders Registry Launched in Kenya

Digital Sex Offenders Registry launched

Kenyan judiciary has launched a Digital Sex Offenders Registry. This is the first time such a registry has been implemented in the country.

The electronic register is a comprehensive database containing crucial information on all convicted sex offenders.

The implementation of the automated register is a critical tool in protecting the public against sex offenders. By providing accessible information, we equip individuals with the means to take necessary precautions and create an environment that discourages such offenses,” Chief Justice (CJ) Koome said on Monday at the Kibera Law Courts.

On request, Kenyans will be able to query the database and get information on sexual offenders. However, Judicial officials will have free access to the online registry and do not need to request access.

This is a key step to keep records and do background checks on individuals. The registry will help keep societies safe especially young children.

We have taken this step in response to the reality that one of the key challenges in addressing sexual gender-based violence and child abuse is the lack of reliable and accessible data on the prevalence,added CJ Koome.

The Digital Sex Offenders Registry is established under the Sexual Offences Act. The crucial database will hold the records of all convicted offenders. By automating this Register, the Judiciary ensures easy access to information on convicted sex offenders. Thus, this will facilitate expedition of justice.

The digital tool will not only serve as a deterrent but will also play a pivotal role in prevention and rehabilitation efforts targeting sex offenders.