Twitter’s (X) Ads Revenue Sharing Program is Now Available Globally

twitter x

Earlier this month, Twitter (now X) announced that they would be sharing ad revenue with creators. Creators will be paid for the ad revenue generated from ads served in their posts’ replies.

In a post, the company has announced that the program is now global. The program joins the “Creator Subscription” program in X’s monetization offering and creators can set up the two programs independently. Notably, various creators on the platform have already received significant payouts following the program’s mid-July.

Eligibility Criteria

In order for users to be eligible for the payouts from the programs, you must:

  • Subscribed to Blue (previously Twitter Blue) or Verified organizations.
  • Have at least 15 million impressions on your cumulative posts within the past 3 months.
  • Have at least 500 followers.

It is important to note that only impressions from verified users count. Users will receive payment from the program to their Stripe account if they met the requirements and the payment amount exceeds the minimum threshold of $50.

The program seeks to drive user engagement on the platform by incentivizing creators to post things that promote conversation. This may give rise to serious ethical concerns surrounding what creators post in order to drive engagement. Since Musk acquired formerly Twitter back in November last year, analysis has revealed an increase in hate speech on the platform. Attempting to counter any potential ethical issues, X has set policies and rules setting standards on the type of content permitted.

In what has been a “busy” run following Elon Musk’s recent changes on the platform, multiple reports have indicated reduced internet traffic to the site. Musk has further come out refuting this and shared a chart indicating a steep rise in X’s monthly users.

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