Communication Management Bill 2023 Headed to Parliament

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The Public Relations and Communications Management Bill, 2023 will be presented before the Parliament following the approval by the Cabinet of Kenya. The bill seeks to set standards as well as regulate the public relations and communication management profession in Kenya.

Currently, the professional standards in the field are under the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK). However, according to PRSK, it lacks “the legal instrument to enable it to enforce professional ethics and standards in the practice of Public Relations and Communication Management in the country.”

If passed by the Parliament, the bill will establish the Institute of Public Relations and Communication Management (IPRCM).

According to PRSK, IPRCM “will act as an instrument to professionalize and regulate the Public Relations and Communication Management (PRCM) practice in Kenya.” The self-regulatory body will be the centre of the information for “matters to do with the practice.”

The draft points out the challenges facing PRCM practice in Kenya. In addition to the lack of a legal framework to regulate how PRCM professionals conduct their practice, there is a lack of mechanisms to enforce the code of conduct for PRCM as well set as standards for their training.

Consequently, the bill will establish the Public Relations Management Practitioners Examinations Board to address the training issue of PRCM practitioners. Additionally, the bill provides provision for the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee sets to enforce the code of conduct.

The bill further addresses the eligibility criteria for accreditation as a Public Relations and Communication Management practitioner. A practicing license as well as a Certificate of Accreditation will be issued on accreditation. Additionally, you will be required to renew the practicing license annually. Renewal will require the prescribed fee as well as meeting any other conditions set by the Council

You can find the draft bill here.

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