Messenger Lite to Be Shut down

Messenger Lite shutdown by Meta

Facebook Messenger Lite is being shut down. Messenger Lite is the lightweight version of Meta’s Messenger.

As of  August 21, users of the app are now directed to Messenger or FB lite. Additionally, the following message is displayed to them as an advisory “Use Messenger to keep chatting.”

Currently, the app has been removed from the Google Play Store for new users. Starting from September 18th the app will no longer be available for current users.

Introduced in 2016, the app was designed to use little storage and require little processing power. It was meant to be used by users who have smartphones with limited capabilities. The iOS version of the app was shut down in 2020 by Meta.

Messenger Lite Shutdown as E2EE is Introduced

Meta has recently announced that people’s chats on Messenger will be upgraded to more robust standards. The company announced it is on track to launch end-to-end encryption (E2EE) as default for one-to-one chats on Messenger. They are set to have this encryption standard in place by the end of the year.

Indeed, Meta is drawing lessons from its WhatsApp team. The company has stated they have learned how to deliver messages on a huge scale and at high speed in an E2EE environment.

Additionally, they envision an improved chat service that is more reliable, simple, and lightweight. In the end, they hope the messaging service will be better, especially for people with low connectivity.

Recently, Meta announced an end to SMS support on Messenger. Part of the statement on their website read:

If you use Messenger as your default SMS messaging app for your Android device, please note you will no longer be able to use Messenger to send and receive SMS messages sent by your cellular network when you update your app after September 28, 2023.”

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