Mwango Capital X (Twitter) Account Hacked

Mwango Capital Twitter account hacked by Sushi crypto

Mwango Capital is financial research organisation in East Africa. Late last night they reported their X handle had been hacked. Erick Mokaya, the founder posted “We just lost access to the Mwango Capital account“. Furthermore, he tagged the main X account and Elon Musk to help them retrieve the account

A look into the account shows, the Mwango Capital X handle tweeting cryptocurrency promotion posts. They have also removed the main the profile picture.

Usually, the account shares information on economic policies, financial news, and market trends. Additionally, the account is known to share memes that are related to trending topics in Kenya and the world.

The hackers are currently promoting the launch of a cryptocurrency named Sushi. Since taking over the account they have always been reposting older posts from the main Sushi account.

Mwango Capital X Following

With over 90,000 followers the account has a huge reach. Indeed, this could be one of the reasons the hackers targeted the account. They may be looking to taking advantage of the huge following to let a bigger audience know about the launch. In addition, the account posts financial news which is the same niche as the audience. According to Eric, this is not the first time they have lost control of the account.

Kenyans on X have been posting their concerns on the matter all morning.

“Someone hacked Mwango Capital, changed credentials and deactivated. Make use of the two-factor authentication.” – @iamjoseh_

“This is the second time Mwango Capital have lost their account. I hope they get it back. They are good at what they do.”-BaronGreen_Back

Prudently, users on X should make use of two factor authentication (2FA) to strengthen their account security. Basically, 2FA fortifies passwords with a second piece of information which involves a one-time passcode being sent at the time of login.

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