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Mwango Capital FBI Complaint and FOIA after account hack

Kenyan Firm Engages FBI to Strengthen Its Position in Dispute with X Corp

On  Wednesday the 30th of August 2023, a Kenyan financial research firm lost access to its X account. The hack on its account sent...
xAI to use Twitter data to train Ai

X to Stop Showing Article Headlines

X (formerly known as Twitter) is removing headlines and descriptions on articles shared on the platform in what the site's owner, Elon Musk, believes...
xAI to use Twitter data to train Ai

xAI Project: Twitter to Train its AI With User Data

X is gearing up to train its AI and thus will be collecting more of your data. xAI will rely on data from your...
social media platform X could go behind a paywall

Musk: All X Users May Pay a Monthly Fee

Elon Musk has implied X, formerly called Twitter, may require all users to pay a fee to have access to the platform. Musk brought...
X unable to verify Eric Mokaya owns Mwango Capital hacked twitter account

Despite Premium Subscription, X Can’t Verify Hacked Account Ownership

Last week we reported the unfortunate news that Mwango Capital had lost their X account to hackers. Now, it emerges that X is unable...
xAI to use Twitter data to train Ai

X Premium Users Can Hide Their Likes Tab

X has introduced a new feature for its premium users. Now, the users can hide their likes tab. Traditionally, one can view all the...
X privacypolicy includes collecting biometric data and job history

New Privacy Policy:  X to Collect Users Biometric Data

The social media platform X has introduced new data plans in its recently updated privacy policy. In what seems like an aggressive push for...
Mwango Capital Twitter account hacked by Sushi crypto

Mwango Capital X (Twitter) Account Hacked

Mwango Capital is financial research organisation in East Africa. Late last night they reported their X handle had been hacked. Erick Mokaya, the founder...
X Hiring job listings for verified organizations

X Hiring: Job Listings Feature for Verified Organizations

X Hiring is the latest new feature to be added to X (formerly Twitter). The X hiring feature was announced in June and has...
Threads Web App launched by Meta

Threads Web App Introduced by Meta

Mark Zuckerberg’s X rival has launched a Threads web app. Whilst the social media platform was already accessible via web browsers, users could only...
twitter x

Twitter Is Officially Rebranding To X

Users might be saying goodbye to the Bird logo as Elon Musk announces Twitter is rebranding to "X". This comes after Twitter Inc got...

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