Threads Web App Introduced by Meta

Threads Web App launched by Meta

Mark Zuckerberg’s X rival has launched a Threads web app. Whilst the social media platform was already accessible via web browsers, users could only view profiles. Consequently, the simplified web version would show you a QR code to download the mobile app.

The improved Threads web app has a lot of similarities with the mobile app. However, there are slight differences in addition to new features. Now, logged in users will be able to post a Thread, view their feed, and interact with other people’s Threads.

In the new web version, the navigation icons are on the top of the page. Additionally, to switch between the For You, and Following feed, users will click a button in the bottom-left corner. This is different from the mobile app.

Meta promises they are on course to bring the Threads Web app experience to parity with mobile. Furthermore, new updates will add more functions to the web version in the coming weeks.

In the past few weeks Threads has added new features to its existing mobile app. The updates now enable users to share a thread to Instagram DMs. Secondly, Meta introduced the new mention button to easily mention people in a Thread. Lastly, they added the ability to edit automatically generated alt-text description of photos and videos before posting.

As of Thursday, last week, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri, indicated is now live for everyone” in a post.

New Threads Web App Despite Decline in Interest

Threads is an app built by the Instagram team for sharing with text. It was introduced with anticipation of taking in users migrating from X. This was due to the many changes that Elon Musk is effecting since purchasing the platform. Launched in July, the platform hit 100 million users in a short span of time.

However, early excitement has since fizzled. Data from the firm Sensor Tower showed Meta’s X rival ended July with 8 million daily active users. That’s about an 82% drop from its peak daily active user count of 44 million witnessed after the launch.

It remains to be seen the impact Threads Web app and the new features will have on its daily active user metrics.

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