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Threads Web App launched by Meta

Threads Web App Introduced by Meta

Mark Zuckerberg’s X rival has launched a Threads web app. Whilst the social media platform was already accessible via web browsers, users could only...
Meta Threads

Threads Finally Adds “Following” Tab

Meta's text-based micro-blogging platform Threads will be rolling out the Following Tab. This will allow users to only see chronological feeds from people they...

Everything You Need To Know About Meta’s Threads

A week ago, Meta-Facebook and Instagram's parent company-released their ambitious new app "Threads". Threads is currently the fastest growing app in the world. By...

[Update: It’s now official] Threads is Instagram’s Messaging App for its Close Friends Feature

UPDATE: Threads is now available for iOS and Android. Scroll to the bottom for more information. Instagram hasn't stopped coming up with new features to entice...
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Someone Visualized Twitter ‘Threads’ And They Look Better Than You Think

Tweetstorms: The less known terminology of the tendency of a Twitter user to link several tweets together if he or she is talking about...

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