Someone Visualized Twitter ‘Threads’ And They Look Better Than You Think

twitter thread

Tweetstorms: The less known terminology of the tendency of a Twitter user to link several tweets together if he or she is talking about a certain topic. Although Twitter has not released a tool that allows you to do this effectively, it has led to some of the best things you would see on Twitter. We have seen stories being shared in this format and they are so popular, Twitter’s CEO actually recognizes the peculiar nature of the medium.

When people are busy chaining tweets to form a tweetstorm, there are certain people who look at tweetstorms in a different way where they check how they branch out. The resulting nature is beautiful as shared by one Terence Eden.

“This is what Twitter threads actually look like. They’re not linear conversations, they’re branching organic trees,” he said on the tweet. He then started a thread that shows how Twitter threads can be seen from the data point of view and the resulting renders look like star constellations.

This is the same content as the above tweet but viewed differently

This is what ‘off topic’ looks like and it shows those conversations on Twitter that deviate so much from the original tweet.

This is even a bigger mess

This conversation thread is not that convoluted as the ones above

He however revealed a limitation of playing around with the data as there are certain APIs you can’t use

Well if you are interested in creating such visualizations, there is a Chrome extension you can use or check out his tweet for more links.

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