X Hiring: Job Listings Feature for Verified Organizations

X Hiring job listings for verified organizations

X Hiring is the latest new feature to be added to X (formerly Twitter). The X hiring feature was announced in June and has now been rolled out. The feature will allow companies to post a Job title, the location of the job, and salary.

Currently, the rollout is in the Beta phase. Verified Organizations can feature roles on their profile and organically reach candidates. Only Verified companies that have the gold checkmark will have access to the feature. If eligible, X will enable the Hiring feature on the companies account.

Business can add an open roles shelf to their profile, which will appear above their main timeline, and below their profile bio and following/follower numbers.

X’s per month premium business plan is $1k. A business has to be a subscriber to Verification for Organizations. Then they have to apply for X beta hiring and wait to be accepted. For now, the job listing feature is not available in all regions. This indicates its still work in progress.

Users will tap on the “View all jobs” button on a company profile. They will be able to see all the open positions that company has listed. Tapping on the button will take the users to the external platform where the vacancy is hosted for application.

X Hiring to Rival LinkedIn

Traditionally, LinkedIn has been the main platform for companies to advertise their vacancies. As such, job seekers have used to platform to apply for jobs and interact with HR practitioners. Additionally, LinkedIn allows users to create detailed profiles showcasing their academic and career paths. This has helped recruiting companies’ vet and headhunt potential candidates.While X Hiring seeks to disrupt LinkedIn’s niche, they have not yet indicated whether they will add additional features to rival LinkedIn.

The job listing feature is another addition in the plan to make X a platform for everything.

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