Sambaza Internet Limit Increased by Safaricom

Sambaza Internet Limit increased

Safaricom has had the Sambaza Internet feature since 2013. The feature enables one to share Safaricom bundles from one line to another.

However, the Sambaza bundles have had a cap limiting transfer to 20MB. Allegedly, the move in 2016 was introduced with the onset of new data bundle prices and meant to reign in on internet bundles resellers popularly known as “Bundles Mwitu”.  Before the cap, Safaricom customers could transfer up to 999MB. This led to a data bundles reseller market thriving.

Today our phones are filled to the brim with data-hungry apps and services. This plain fact appears to have made Safaricom rethink the Sambaza Cap. Now, Safaricom customers can Sambaza up to 1024 Mb or 1GB of data bundles.

How to Sambaza Internet

Via the Safaricom USSD *544# the Sambaza Internet menu is accessible. Once selected, a user can choose whether to Data Bundles (with no expiry) or Normal Bundles.

Once done, the user inputs the amount of data bundles they wish to share. They can then enter the number they wish to send. If the user’s data balance is sufficient the Sambaza transaction will be successful.

The minimum amount of data bundles one can share is 5 MB.

How to Sambaza Bundles via *456#

  • Dialing *456# Dial *456# on your Safaricom line
  • Select the option Okoa/Sambaza/Please Call Me
  • Select Sambaza Bundles
  • Enter the Internet bundles to sambaza in MB, for example (100 if you want to transfer 100MB)
  • Enter the phone number to sambaza to:

You can also Sambaza Safaricom bundles via the mySafaricom App. Additionally, by dialing Safaricom USSD *100#, selecting Products and Service and choosing option 2.

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