Safaricom Sambaza Internet is now live!

Safaricom Sambaza Internet

Safaricom Sambaza Internet

Safaricom Sambaza Internet was to go live on the 17th of February, that’s Sunday, and true to the word, the service is now live. And I was still awake to welcome it. Sambaza internet is accessible by dialing *544# and selecting option 2, Sambaza Internet.

Some notes about Sambaza internet:;

  1. You are able to send a minimum of 5 Mb and a maximum of 1536Mb, I dont know the rationale behind that random figure.
  2. Data packets expiry will be affected by the latest among the two, either the sharer or the sharee, i.e If you share data with me and mine is expiring tomorrow while yours has a more time then we go with yours, otherwise if mine has a longer life we go with mine.
  3. Maximum transferrable daily is 2GB
  4. It’s free just like sambaza credit.



  1. When I top up the data with Ksh.1000 for modem usually show Data Bundle Balance of 1536Mb. So I guess that is why they are using 1536Mb as the upper limit, but I am not sure on how they came up with the minimum limit level

    • Well, now the that you mentioned it, it’s just a way to tell you that it aligns with the available data bundles packages.

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