East African Telcos Embrace Diversity: MTN Uganda Achieves 51% Female Workforce

MTN Uganda diversity and inclusion
Image from MTN Uganda

The tech industry has long been challenged to step up its efforts in bringing more ladies into the sector. MTN Uganda part of the MTN Group has risen to the challenge. Currently, the Ugandan Telco has women at 51% of its workforce proving diversity and inclusion is achievable.

Indeed, this is good news for a sector that globally struggles with diversity and inclusion. Importantly, MTN is Uganda’s largest corporate company and it is impressive the company is setting a good example. It comes as no surprise that this milestone was achieved with Sylvia Mulinge at the helm of the company.

The Kenyan who celebrated her first anniversary as the CEO last week, made history as the first female CEO for MTN Uganda when appointed.

In fact, MTN Uganda’s achievement is way ahead of schedule. Originally, the target was to get to 50-50 in terms of gender parity by 2025.

With a target of hitting the 50% mark in 2025 as underpinned by the company’s Ambition 2025 strategy, the company deployed a deliberate approach that saw it close 2022 with 49% female employees and in less than a year, the company has surpassed its 2025 goal by 1%.”: MTN Uganda wrote on their website.

Safaricom Steps Up Diversity Efforts

MTN Uganda’s news shows the region is progressing well in terms of diversity and inclusion in the telco sector. On the Kenyan part, the largest telco Safaricom currently has women staff at 49% of its workforce. This means the telco is on its way to achieving gender parity.

Safaricom has ensured diversity and inclusion measures are in place even in senior management. Currently, 40% of Safaricom’s senior leadership comprises women, while the percentage of women on the Board currently stands at 45%. Indeed, when Ms. Kathryne Maundu recently resigned from the Safaricom PLC board, she was replaced by another lady.

As more young women join the East African tech marketplace, there are positive signs the industry is readily absorbing them.