Gen Z and Podcasts: A Love Affair Built On Trust

Why Gen Z Trusts Podcast More Than Any Other Media

In the digital age, Generation Z (Gen Z) has found a new love: podcasts. A recent survey reveals that an impressive 83% of Gen Z respondents listen to a podcasts on any topic. Another, 76% tune in to a podcast on a specific topic. This indicates a significant shift in the media consumption habits of this young generation. The survey was done by Spotify and focussed on Indian Gen Z

 The Appeal of a Podcast

Podcasts have emerged as a unique platform for Gen Z, offering a space for debate and personal growth. A substantial 82% of respondents believe that podcasts provide a platform for debate, while 78% feel that podcasts help them evolve faster. This suggests that Gen Z values the intellectual stimulation and diverse perspectives offered by podcasts.

The survey also sheds light on the most popular podcast genres among Gen Z listeners. Music, true crime, sports, and education top the list mirroring the popularity of these genres across other age groups as well.

In India, Podcasts on religion experienced a whopping 236% Year-on-year audience growth. Education on its part experiences 143% year-on-year growth. Surprisingly, in a country mad in love with Cricket, sports podcasts experience just 47% year-on-year growth. Despite, the lack of strong growth in audience numbers, sports podcasts are still very popular.

Based on the number, trust seems to be one of the fuelling factors behind the sustained growth. 70%  of the demographic trust podcasts more than any other form of media.

Gen Z respondents acknowledged that podcasts are popular among their peers, further cementing the status of podcasts as a trending medium in this demographic. 86% of those surveyed agreed the podcast wave is accelerating the growth of the creative industry.

While the survey only covered India, it shows the love affair between Gen Z and podcasts is growing stronger. The variety of content attracting an audience shows that every niche has a viable chance for growth. As this generation continues to seek out intellectual stimulation and diverse perspectives, it’s clear that podcasts will remain a significant part of their media consumption.