Huduma Mlangoni: How Huduma Agents can Visit You Where You Are.

Huduma Mlangoni door to door initiative in Lamu
Photo Credit: Huduma Kenya

Huduma Kenya has progressively been evolving. This year alone the service has introduced extended working hours and online appointment booking. Huduma Mlangoni is the latest program Huduma Kenya has initiated.

This initiative enables customers to access government services right at their own doorstep.

The program involves staff from various Huduma Centres facilitating the issuance and delivery of various documents, such as birth certificates and Identity Cards (IDs).

We take a look at everything you should be aware of regarding Huduma Mlangoni.

What is Huduma Mlangoni?

Huduma Mlangoni is a program designed to bring government services closer to the citizens, making them more accessible and convenient, especially upon request. To access these services, you can initiate a request by contacting the nearest Huduma Centre and specifying your requirements.

You have the choice of either receiving assisted services, where a Huduma Centre agent visits your location to aid and process your requests. Alternatively, one can opt for premier services, which include the delivery of documents to your doorstep for enhanced convenience.

Huduma Mlangoni offers a wide range of government services, which encompass document processing and applications. Huduma Kenya asks its customers to make inquires of the availability of any service they have in mind.

The same applies for fees. The government service provider has not put out a rate card per se. On the website, Huduma Kenya writes “The cost, if any, for using Huduma Mlangoni services may vary depending on the specific service requested.”.

Usually, Huduma Kenya acts as an interface between customers and other government agencies. Some of the government agencies charge fees for processing relevant documents. Due to this, what you are asked to pay for varies with the type of service you seek.

Like all services from Huduma, Huduma Mlangoni requests are made online or via call. Huduma Kenya extended its call centre hours, thus you have more time to get in touch. Once you get in touch, the staff will guide you through the scheduling process.

Assisted Services Vs Premier services

Assisted services involve a Huduma Centre representative visiting your location to handle your requests and facilitate for your needs right where your are. On the other hand, premier services is the convenient delivery of documents to your doorstep.

Huduma Mashinani

Huduma Mlangoni is ongoing at the same time as Huduma Mashinani. The latter is not a door to door service delivery but a prescheduled visit by Huduma agents to various areas in Kenya. Usually, this is announced through various media channels. Its another initiative to bring services closer to the citizens of Kenya. Although the agents don’t go door to door, they visit a constituency and set up shop to serve their customers.

Through Huduma Mashinani, you can access a number of services specifically, NHIF Services, NSSF Services, KRA Services ID Services, Birth Certificate Services, Police Abstract, Good Conduct Services and Social Help Groups Services.

These are two programs that are taking place as the government plans to set up a Huduma Centre in every constituency in Kenya.


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