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Huduma Mlangoni door to door initiative in Lamu

Huduma Mlangoni: How Huduma Agents can Visit You Where You Are.

Huduma Kenya has progressively been evolving. This year alone the service has introduced extended working hours and online appointment booking. Huduma Mlangoni is the...
Aisha Jumwa and Ben Chilumo announced 290 Huduma Centres construction

New 290 Huduma Centres Proposed: 1 for Each Constituency

Amid countrywide complaints of dismal service delivery, the government has promised to set up 290 new Huduma Centres. The objective of this move is...
Huduma Kenya call centre open till 9 Pm

You can now Call Huduma Kenya at Night

In the recent past, Huduma Kenya has announced a number of changes to its mode of operation. The latest news is the introduction of...
the process to Book an Online Huduma Centre Appointment

How to Book an Online Appointment to Huduma Centre

Huduma Kenya recently announced they are implementing a digitalization plan. Hence, Huduma Kenya announced all Huduma Centre visits must after booking an online appointment. Whether...
Benjamin Chilumo Kai CEO Huduma Kenya

Benjamin Kai Chilumo: A profile on the New Huduma Kenya CEO

Huduma Kenya has a new boss. Mr Benjamin Kai Chilumo has been appointed to serve as the new Chief Executive Office. Mr Kai is...
Huduma Centre Online Appointment

Huduma Centre: You Must now book an Online Appointment

Huduma Centre has recently seen a massive website revamp. The new online look comes with a requirement to book an online appointment to access...
Huduma Namba

Huduma Cards Are Finally Here, But for Nairobi Residents Only

The Huduma Namba registration exercise was carried out about two years ago. Those who registered for the document did not receive it after several months,...
NTSA smart driving license

NTSA Announces Smart Driving Licence Enrollment Through Huduma Center

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) announced that they will be conducting mass enrollment drives for the Smart Driving License through Huduma Center. "In...

Huduma Center New Booking System: Here is How to Apply

The Ministry of Public Service and Gender says that the GPO station will be opened from today (Monday 17). However, service will be different this time around following one key introduction: an appointment system.

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