How to Book an Online Appointment to Huduma Centre

the process to Book an Online Huduma Centre Appointment

Huduma Kenya recently announced they are implementing a digitalization plan. Hence, Huduma Kenya announced all Huduma Centre visits must after booking an online appointment.

Whether you would like a Police Clearance, to replace your ID, or to access NHIF services, you must reserve your space online

This is a simple step-by-step process for booking your Huduma Centre appointment.

Online Huduma Centre Registration

In the event that you have not registered on the Huduma Centre website, the first step is registration.

The registration steps are:

  1. Visit Huduma Kenya’s Website.
  2. You will see a Book Appointment button on the Top Right-hand side. Click on it
  3. The Account Registration form will load on your Screen
  4. Registration Details Required are as shown below. Note, one must enter their mother’s first name**
  5. Email is optional but Phone Number is Mandatory
  6. A User Login Page will load with an entry field for Activation Code
  7. You will receive your activation code via the phone number used to register. Hence, you must have the phone close to you or accessible
  8. You are now a registered user on Huduma Kenya

Online Appointment to Huduma Centre Booking Process

Once you have logged in using your ID Number and Password, you will be on the appointment page

New Appointment Button is in red, whereas a green button labelled “My Appointments’ enables you to view history of past appointments booked.

  1. Some details will be preloaded on the Left Side of the form.
  2. On the right, select nearest Huduma Centre under Service Centre
  3. A drop-down menu Under Service will appear with all available Huduma Centre Services
  4. Once the service is Selected, Appointment Time and Date fields will be active for you to select the available Timeslots
  5. You will then Save the Appointment
  6. You will receive an SMS confirming your booking and a request to print the booking slip

Ensure you visit the selected Huduma Centre selected at the date and time of your appointment. Carry the booking slip and don’t delete the SMS sent to you.

This because you will be required to present the booking slip or show the text message.