You can now Call Huduma Kenya at Night

Huduma Kenya call centre open till 9 Pm

In the recent past, Huduma Kenya has announced a number of changes to its mode of operation. The latest news is the introduction of extended call hours.

Huduma Kenya which manages Huduma centres across the country has told its customers they can call their call Centre past normal working hours. Callers can call for inquiries and assistance until 9:00 pm. However, the extended call hours are preserved for weekdays.

This is another indication that Huduma Kenya is looking to improve its service provision. Additionally, it is another move in the right direction to make sure Kenyans access critical services.

The latest announcement comes after Huduma Kenya announced extended working hours. Notably, the extended working hours are for 18 high-traffic Huduma Centres.

Kenyans busy during the day now have a chance to access Huduma Kenya services on weekdays. They can do this without much disruption to their dailly activities.

Moreover, this follows aggressive digitalization steps. One of the key changes is access to all Huduma Centre visits is subject to prior online booking. The public service body has been identifying more ways to reduce waiting time and cut queues at Huduma Centres.

Huduma Kenya’s objective with digitalization is to offer fast and efficient service for all the government needs of Kenyans.

The Huduma call Centre number is 020 690 0020.

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