alGROWithm Takes EdTech to 6 Countries Including Kenya


alGROWithm has recently received funding from Digital Africa.The cash injection will be used to boost alGROWithm’s Growth Talent Accelerator Program (GTAP) that was launched back in March, 2022.

alGROWithm will focus on two things this year. First, offering scholarships for aspiring Growth Hackers to join their program. Secondly, it will focus on expansion of it’s training programs into new African markets.

As a result of the funding, Kenya is among 6 other countries that are now eligible to access the EdTech platform. The others are Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. Originally, Nigeria and Ghana were the base markets.

Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Bili Sule, unveils the thinking behind alGROWithm’s strategy, stating “ There’s a persistent demand for more Growth Hacking talent, demonstrated by the swift employment of our past trainees. Secondly, we observed that many companies also sought to up-skill their existing teams instead of starting from scratch with new talent”.

alGROWithm EdTech Programs

Today, GTAP is a mainstay feature of alGROWithm Academy’s offerings. GTAP Lite and GTAP Pro are the two programs that form part of the EdTech program. GTAP Lite is the 100% online version that caters to individual Growth enthusiasts, while GTAP Pro empowers companies to transform their existing internal teams into Growth Engineers.

Pro is also deployed through a hybrid delivery structure that includes in-person Growth Hacking bootcamps, as well as online lectures and workshops.

The company has previously worked with companies such as Paga, Figorr, and Kebble. This year it targets to train over 150 Growth Leads across East, West, and Southern Africa. This will be done in two cohorts one in February and the second in June.