Instagram Makes “Finstas” Official With This New Feature


Instagram is finally working to make “Finstas” official as part of the app’s features in its quest to entice users to post more albeit privately with the flipside feature.

Many users, especially some millennials and most Gen Z users on Instagram, have secondary private accounts called finstas. They post less polished photos on their feeds compared to the more polished posts shared on their main account.

Finsta accounts are more private, only allowing select friends to follow them. With a finsta account, you can post random stories, unpolished selfies, and random daily updates you could share on your main account.

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Now Instagram is bringing this new feature onboard by calling it “flipside” and you can now set up a private profile where you can be more real with your select group of friends. With Flipside, you don’t have to create a different account entirely and parents can still have access to this for pre-teen and teens accounts under the Supervision features for parents and guardians found in the app.

Instagram Flipside Feature
Instagram Flipside Feature

The feature was originally called “Your Space” before Instagram settled on “flipside” and the company notes that this feature refers to “a new space just for you and your friends where only the people you choose can see this side of your profile and what you share here.”

This feature is now rolling out to a limited number of users and to access a user’s flipside, you simply swipe down on their profile. And if you have a flipside account, it shows up as an option when you want to share to Stories right above the Close Friends option.

Posts shared on flipside account will only live here instead of your main profile.

With a flipside account, you can add your profile picture, bio and name. You can also remove everyone you added on your flipside

The flipside feature is just a secondary feature as Instagram already has the Close Friends feature which it launched in late 2018 meant for Stories and finally expanded it to include Reels and regular posts – both video and posts.

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